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you know you’re fucked when those late night thoughts start hitting you in the middle of the day (via diosadealma)

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one second im okay and then the next its like something snatched me. grasped me with angry hands. dug its fingernails into me and told me im no good. i feel like im staring into your eyes now as i look at it. this thing that delights in tearing me apart.

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i just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again

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but why do i say “i know” to my pets when they make noises. im lying to them. i don’t know anything.

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My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them. (58/365) by (KJ)

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that time in the night when you can’t stop yawning but can’t get to sleep either

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